Opiria & PDATA is a global decentralized platform for the highly secured and transparent buying and selling of personal data, so we can earn money with our data. It is the new era in modern economy as per their term ” Data is the currency of the future”.

We know Most of all company they are design, marketing and updating their products based on customer data. We can take simple example”If we constantly search related to “ICO” in google then we can see google will display advertisement related to new and upcoming ico”. So How they get it ? Simply they understand our needs through our searching data.

 The trading volume of consumer data is 250 Bn USD/year and you don't receive a single cent. So we can simply understood “Opiria & PDATA” will play important role in future for buying and selling of personal data. So we can earn money by sharing our personal details to various companies around the world.

Difference Between OPIRIA And PDATA

Opiria is a consumer research platform that allows companies to understand the needs and requirements of their consumers by receiving data,information&feedback. PDATA is the token used for buying and selling users data, it will make transaction and personal data more transparent and secure.


The PDATA token ecosystem is the first Ethereum blockchain based marketplace for the buying and selling of consumer data.  Each And Every Company Required Data for understanding “What is Customers Need ? And What Changes Need Their Existing Product ” So they can directly buy data from you and compensate you with PDATA tokens. PDATA token is the currency that expresses the value of personal data.


About Token

Total PDATA token issued  750,000,000 and they are selling its 60% through crowdsale  And existing 40% will share to Development fund, team , Advisory And bounty. Here is Complete Overview About Opiria & PDATA Token Sale.


Info Detail
Concept : Data is the currency of the future
Website123121 : opiria.io
Country not allowed : Canada,China,United States
CEO : Dr.-Ing. Christian Lange
Symbol : PDATA
Token Type : ERC20
Category : Marketplace
Ico Status : ongoing
Platform : ETHEREUM
Total Number Of Token : 750,000,000 PDATA
Total Token for Sale : 450,000,000 PDATA
Token Price : 1 PDATA = 0.1000 USD
Token purchase Payment : ETH, BTC, XRP
Hardcap : 30,000,000 USD
Token Distribution : ICO - Development Fund - Team - Advisory - Bounty
Token distribution ratio : 60% - 13% - 20% - 5% - 2%
Bonus (Upto) : Upto 20%
Unsold Token : Burned After ICO
Bounty Program : Yes (2%)
Air Drops : No
Tradable Exchange : Not Announced
Live Chat : Via Telegram & Facebook
Mobile Apps : Yes
Total ICO Round : 3
Pre Sale Period : 20 April 2018 - 15 June 2018
ICO Starting On : 16-06-2018
ICO Ending On : 14-07-2018
ongoing Ico

Important Dates

Pre Sale On: 20 April 2018 - 15 June 2018
ICO Starting On: 16 June 2018
ICO Ending On: 14 July 2018
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